Bespoke Arcades Announces Evo Cabinet

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Welcome to the advent of a new dawn in arcade gaming. The Evo cabinet is the first home arcade machine to combine the wonderful memories of all your favourite arcade classics with the power and grit of next generation game play. For the first time ever, clients will be able to connect their PS3 console to their Evo system and play all next generation coin-op titles a sleek and stylish bespoke arcade cabinet.

Soon to be deemed the king of arcade cabinets, the Evo would look the part in any setting whether at home, in the office or as a great addition to the games room. The Evolution benefits from a huge 28” widescreen Hi-Definition (over 1080p) TFT monitor with all high end branded components giving you superb quality gaming, and the ultimate arcade gaming experience.

The Evo is just the latest release from award winning arcade cabinet designers Bespoke Arcades who have already broken boundaries with their individually tailored arcade classics. Having appeared on the BBC, ITV, Sky and Channel 5; The Gadget Show voting them “the best buy product” in their category, Bespoke Arcade have had their machines selected as the UK’s No 1 arcade cabinets by T3 magazine, voted in the Top Ten Best Gaming products by Stuff Magazine, and were even chosen as one of Wayne Rooney’s favourite toys in Loaded.

The Evo however is the next generation in arcade gaming. Apart from looking great it’s also very easy to use – loading directly into the game selection menu making everything as simple as possible.  Even the PS3 compatibility is merely a case of connecting the leads provided, making sure you are in the correct mode and you’re away.

The PS3 controls option, as complemented by the excellent aluminium joysticks, has been specifically designed for the current/future generation of coin-op fighting games (ie Tekken Dark Resurrection, Virtua Fighter 5 and the hotly anticipated Streetfighter IV), although all next generation titles can be played via the screen with your own wireless PS3 pad. As well as being provided with over 220 licensed games, all arcade cabinets are fully compatible with other games, educational packages and emulators that can be easily loaded onto the machine.

Bespoke Arcades’ cabinets represent refined boys’ toys. Each cabinet can be individually tailored to your desire with an array of additional options, or choosing a bespoke arcade cabinet designed to meet specific needs. Each arcade cabinet can be fully customised both inside and out, have any finish to suit a particular look, coordinate the edging, glass and buttons to match, choose from a selection of arcade controls or go for a system upgrade to play all modern games. With Bespoke Arcades almost anything is possible.


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