Atlus, Pixel Mine to Enhance Atlus Online Portal

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Atlus Online, the interactive entertainment division of Atlus U.S.A., Inc., has teamed up with Pixel Mine Games, an independent developer and publisher known for its enterprise web portal software, to further enhance the user experience on the Atlus Online portal. The partnership will allow Atlus, known for listening to and incorporating user feedback, to continually evolve the portal and its content according to players’ insights and recommendations.

Atlus puts its community first and is persistently looking for input in order to offer its members additional opportunities to share and explore their passions. From active forums to its first full-sized game offering, Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent, Atlus Online provides gamers and anime fans with a daily destination to visit. Pixel Mine Games’ portal technology will enable Atlus Online members to access a variety of fun, compelling, and unique digital content, as well as fully interact with the site using integrated community tools.

“Our partnership marks a new wave of portal development and a step we are confident gaming, anime, and Atlus fans alike will enjoy,” said Tyler Kim, director of online games at Atlus Online. “Giving members a hand in contributing to the portal shows a heightened level of communication never before seen in online interactive entertainment.”

Pixel Mine Games, a company dedicated to premium downloadable games, was founded on the pledge of merging excellence and innovation with the principals of rapid and iterative development. “We’re committed to producing quality games, and a big part of that experience is the technology we use to manage the portal,” said David Reese, president of Pixel Mine Games. “We’ve made turnkey innovations in incorporating multiple, diverse titles into a portal that is tailored to customer experience. Partnering with such a community-focused entity as Atlus Online allows us to truly make user input change the course of portal development.”

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