New Add-On Scenario Now Available for Final Fantasy XI

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In November we reported that Final Fantasy XI was going to be receiving three episodic scenarios. Square Enix has announced the first scenario, A Crystalline Prophec y: Ode of Life Bestowing is now available

The scenerios are all led by Masato Kato, the creator of Final Fantasy XI. The launch coincides with the April version update, which brings with it  new content, including Wings of the Goddess nation quests, the expansion of the Fields of Valor and Treasure Casket systems, a major upgrade to Moblin Maze Mongers as well as adjustments to jobs and the introduction of augmented items. More information about this update can be found at:

Episodes 2 and 3,  A Moogle Kupo d’Etat – Evil in Small Doses and A Shantotto Ascension – The Legend Torn, Her Empire Bornwill be available later this year.

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