Team Bondi Stocking up on Employees

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Way back in late 2006,  Team Bondi and Rockstar announced a game called LA Noire. The only thing we were told was that the game was an "interactive detective story set in the classic noir period of the late 1940s, based in LA" Not much else was released, including what platforms it is going to be released on.

In the next two and a half years, a few screens have been released, a teaser trailer, but still nothing really meaty to sink our teeth into.

Hopefully that is about to change. Team Bondi has posted six new positions open on their hiring page, including an artist, programmers, designers and an animator. It looks like they are going to start seriously working on the game. Back in January they were looking for people to fill four positions.

One of the positions might give a hint that the game could be coming out on both the PS 3 and Xbox 360. The requirements are to be a Credited Senior Designer, having shipped at least 2 AAA, X-Box or PS2 Action/Adventure titles.

What has caused the change? Who knows, but I for one have really been looking forward to seeing this game. Maybe we might see something at E3 in June?

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