Street Gears Major Content Update End of Month

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The free-to-play inline skating game Street Gears, available at the portal since March 2009, will be updated on the 30th of April with a major content update. Available for free to all European players, this content addition will feature a brand new playable character, a new track, as well as new versions of existing tracks and other system and content updates and fixes.

Street Gears is a free-to-play inline skating game where players can become “riders” fond of freedom and extreme experiences. From the 30th of April, players will be able to discover a brand new playable character: Tippy. Tippy is a young and energetic teenager. Usually very shy, she focuses all her energy in the skating tracks where she can compete with the best riders of Park Town.

Whether they have chosen the Rookie, Luna, Rush or Tippy avatars, players who have reached the pro-license level will be able to discover a very exciting new track: Warehouse. Taking place in the modern environment of an abandoned warehouse, this track leads the riders through a maze of pipes, stairs and corridors in which they will need all their acrobatic skills to reach the final line.

Altogether with this new track, Pro-Licenses will also have the possibility to race the tracks they already know in “Mirror” mode, giving a brand new twist to well known racing environments. A number of new tweaks and fixes will also be available in this update, including a new windowed mode, extended gamepad support which now allows vibrations on supported pads, UI and graphical improvements, and lots more !

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