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It seems that the Xbox LIVE Arcade standards are losing integrity as Ping Time is released and turns classic black and white retro gameplay into a non-interactive clock format. Since it’s not really a game I don’t understand how it got approved.

Ping Time transforms your Xbox 360 and TV into an expensive retro wall clock. Watch in awe as the two AI opponents bounce a ball back and forth endlessly (or until you quit, whichever comes first), carefully maintaining their score to represent the current time. Ping time boasts HD Black and White graphics, and the intriguing sound of silence, efficiently packed into less than 200 KB, making it currently the smallest product on Xbox Live Community Games.

Ping Time is available for just 200 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360. To download the trial or to purchase, login to Xbox Live and look for it on Xbox Live Community Games.

Honestly this is the beginning if the end of Community Games because, as stated by the actual developer, it’s not really a is it?

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