GDN’s Own Jim Cook Finds a Solution for the Amazon Xbox LIVE Error 80153022

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Jim Cook, our resident Xbox LIVE Arade master, has found both a problem and a workaround solution to buying games directly from Amazon. Here’s a clip from his recent forum posting here at GDN:

As some of you know, Amazon has launched an Xbox Live shop of their own. One of the more interesting products they offer is codes for specific games; rather than buying a set of Microsoft Points, you can just buy the exact game you want. This can save you money if you’re just after one game, but some people have reported hitting Error Code 80153022 when they try to redeem the code.

This is a DRM issue, and there is a solution. Don’t redeem the code in your dashboard. Instead, go into the... READ MORE

Valuable information of this nature is sometimes hard to come by and so I wanted to be sure and share with the readers who might not frequent the GDN forums on a regular basis. Thanks Jim!


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