Casual Games Company Launches New Game Hub:

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Future Ads, the owner and operator of announced today the launch of, a new casual games hub featuring thousands of games, including proprietary Gamevance games, and games from top-tier publishers and third-party developers. This latest and most advanced casual game offering from Future Ads is expressly designed to provide a premium gaming experience for its users and unprecedented revenue opportunities for individual game developers and publishers -- all while offering advertisers powerful opportunities to target and engage this highly responsive, exploding demographic.

Taking the hugely successful - and profitable - Gamevance model a step further, PlaySushi is designed to provide tens of millions of users with an almost limitless selection of games, while simultaneously enabling developers and third parties to easily and efficiently generate revenue and profits, all without impacting the positive - and free - gaming experience of its users.

The Benefits/Innovations of

For Users: PlaySushi’s mix of games includes proprietary games from its hugely popular sister site Gamevance (, such as Duck Hunting and Spy Racer; but, unlike Gamevance, PlaySushi also offers developer-uploaded games and games from top-tier third party publishers, resulting in an almost unlimited variety of games across every category and skill-set. According to Pobre, some of the best, most creative and innovative casual games are from individual developers who need a distribution platform to make them profitable. By enabling these developers, PlaySushi provides users with access to a constantly refreshed suite of the latest and most creative casual games.

For Game Developers and Publishers: Despite the growing numbers of high-quality game developers and publishers, the industry has lacked a platform that ensures not only visibility, but also revenue generation. PlaySushi combines the stimulus of revenue sharing with an unprecedented simplicity and cost-efficiency for developers and publishers by providing an extremely user-friendly, self-serve platform where partners can register and upload games in minutes. These unique, developer-friendly features are designed to ensure that PlaySushi will provide a high volume and variety of games to consumers.

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