Gameloft Up By 22% From Previous Year

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Gameloft achieved consolidated sales of €30.8 million for the first quarter of 2009, up by 22% from the previous year. On a comparable exchange rate basis, growth over the same period reached 18%.

In € millions, for the first quarter, of 30.8 in financial year 2009 and 25.3 in financial year 2008 with a variation of +22%.

Mobile games accounted for 94% of the company’s annual sales and console games covered the remaining 6%. Europe accounted for 35% of sales for the first quarter, North America 37%, and 29% for the rest of the world. The strongest growth took place in North America, up 57% over the period.

Mobile games performed particularly well over the first quarter of 2009. Mobile game sales increased by 21% over the first quarter, due in part to the strong performance of Gameloft games on Apple’s iPhone, but also to solid sales performance of games for Java and Brew phones.

The company’s core business continues to do quite well despite the worldwide economic slowdown:

Gameloft  benefits most from the innovations introduced by traditional handset manufacturers such as Nokia and Samsung as well as from dynamic new players in the market such as Apple and Google. Gameloft continues to gain substantial market share in Smartphones and traditional Java and Brew phones.

Gameloft is one of the very few players in the market that has the resources and know-how that allow it to be present systematically at the launch of all the new consoles with downloading platforms (PlayStation Network, Nintendo DSiWare, Nintendo WiiWare, etc.).

Gameloft is therefore expecting to grow its revenues and to improve its profitability in 2009.

Sales for the second quarter of 2009 will be published on Tuesday 28 July 2009 after the closing.


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