Defense Chronicles for iPhone

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I’m tired of tower defense clones people. Break out the creativity hats and do something new. Well OK this game actually looks sort of cool (see screens below) as it takes a new look at the genre (pun intended). The natural evolution of the genre will soon dictate that you will have a strategy phase and then an FPS phase where you jump into a character, a la Dungeon Keeper from the 90’s, and go whack away at the enemies... Anyway, this is half way to that.

Gimka Entertainment, Inc and Menara Games have teamed up to launch a unique tower defense game Defender Chronicles in May 2009 for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Defender Chronicles is set in a fantasy medieval world. The capital city of men, Londrom, has fallen to the Orc Hordes. As a warlord, you must defend the Empire from the invasion of the Orc Hordes and the rising Undead.

Feature list:

- A unique blend of role-playing adventure and tower defense game, seen from a fresh side-view perspective.

- Command over 6 distinct defenders - warrior, archer, berserker, ranger, halfling, and mage. Each defender has its own unique ability and voice acting.

- Dominate the 5 beautifully hand-drawn battlegrounds – with the side-view perspective, you can now zoom in to view the battle close up.

- Choose from the 5 game modes – campaign, classic, classic endless, extended, and extended endless.

- Take on the 4 difficulty levels – casual, veteran, master, heroic. Each difficulty level is designed carefully for a specific audience and each can be won with perfect score.

- Fun storyline – travel the path of a legendary defender as you lead the army through the beautiful land of Athelia and with the company of your trusted advisor.

- Fight a variety of enemy bosses – from Gnoll Captain, Orc Chieftain, and Queen Goblin to the fearsome Wyrm Rider Duo, Awe Inspiring Giant Golem and Meat Chomping Slimeballs.

- Four original music soundtracks and a variety of sound effects with 3D positioning – zoom in to hear the battle just like you where there.

Menara Games is the co-developer of some very successful casual games for PC, such as Burger Rush, Restaurant Rush and the famous Cate West series.

Gimka Entertainment, Inc, headquartered in Los Angeles, CA is a new game company founded in 2008. We are working on several game titles for PC, to be announced later this year.

It looks interesting as I said so stay tuned to GDN as we get a grip on the game and tell you what we think.

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