Indian Puzzler Pahelika Ready Today

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The secrets are now in the open as Ironcode Software today launched Pahelika: Secret Legends, the puzzle adventure for the PC.

The game puts you in the shoes of an unnamed adventurer who is determined to unravel the truth behind the strange legends told in his family for generations. When the game begins, the adventurer has just stumbled upon a mysterious item. A great discovery, but one that raises more questions that it answers!

Put on your best thinking cap and get a spare one too, because this is one legend that won’t give up its secret so easily. Explore the ruins of 6 lost civilizations, pass the tough tests set by your ancient foes, avoid the deadly traps and pitfalls, and perhaps you might be able to pry the truth out.

Your problem solving skills will be put to test in a variety of puzzles, some standard, some situational, some original, all of them fun. Easy to pick up and play, this is one adventure that you wouldn’t want to miss!

Pahelika: Secret legends is available for the PC, Windows. Starting today, the game can be purchased directly from

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