Eden Games to Use Gamr7s’ Urban Pad

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Gamr7 and Eden Games today announced that they have started a co-development to integrate the next version of Ürban PAD, Gamr7’s flagship procedural city creation software into the Eden’s Garden pipeline. The Garden pipeline will be used for massively multiplayer online games on current and upcoming consoles.

“Garden will offer a complete and efficient game production pipeline using cutting-edge technologies. Garden will be the answer for future video games’ stakes based on massively multiplayer games, multi-support access, community and user generated content” says Eden’s Studio Manager, David Nadal. “Vast open worlds for games developed using Garden will need lot of auto-generated content. This important theme will be co-developed with Gamr7 which has with Ürban PAD a promising technology for Garden’s city generation.”

Ürban PAD is a complete toolset for bringing diversity to game worlds, offering fast and fully editable procedural creation through automatic placement, real-time manual editing, and contextual adaptation. Production teams work in parallel to speed every part of the process from prototyping to design and production.

“Eden Games is very highly regarded for their technological expertise” said Bernard Légaut, Business Developer and General Manager of Gamr7. “They have seen that Ürban PAD offers a new way to streamline their pipeline while offering the kind of flexibility and creativity that is fundamental to their ongoing innovation. Ürban PAD is a logical evolution in their production process as they are preparing for the upcoming console generation. We are very proud that they have selected our technology for their next pipeline.”

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