PlayFirst Brings a Tycoon Twist to DinerTown

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PlayFirst, Inc., the award-winning entertainment company, today announced the official release dates for DinerTown Tycoon, the exciting new strategy game that immerses the popular DinerToon characters within the challenging and fun Tycoon genre. PlayFirst PlayPass members will have exclusive access to the game for both Mac and PC download from Tuesday, May 5 and the title will be widely available on Thursday, May 7.

DinerTown Tycoon is an economic simulation game that challenges players to protect the residents of DinerTown from the unhealthy influence of Grub Burger, the evil eatery that threatens to wreak havoc with its pollutants and harmful recipe ingredients. Fans and newcomers to the franchise will meet over 25 familiar Dinertoon faces including Flo as they engage in a fun and strategic battle for the commercial success of DinerTown.

The game offers a fresh new angle on DinerTown as players now see this familiar world from a broader economic perspective and work to retain its wholesome quality one neighborhood at a time from Squid Row to Champagne Falls. It also marks a notable departure for Flo as she and her DinerTown cohorts are faced with the evil executives at Grub Burger - a challenge much more ominous than ever before.

DinerTown Tycoon features several inventive ways to overcome your competitors and build up your restaurant business as you work to keep the town’s residents happy and well fed with healthy meals. These include creative new ways to decorate and advertise your business as well as daily newspaper alerts revealing information nuggets such as where you can find healthy ingredients at discount prices and insider information on your competitor’s antics.

DinerTown Tycoon is developed and published by PlayFirst. For more information on the game, or to purchase any game in the series, visit

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