The Flexbone Offense in NCAA Football 10 is Reborn

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Since Peter Moore has come aboard EA Sports he has committed the team to reinventing and improving their franchises. It seems this year they have really been working hard on this. Anthony White, the Assistant Designer on NCAA Football 10 posted a large blog about the implementation of the new and improved Flexbone Offense in to the game.

They used the Navy’s actual coach’s game film of their flexbone offense, that they acquired last summer.  With this, they were able to add eight new formations and over 200 new plays for the title. The eight formations are Flexbone Twins Over, Slit Wing Z, Spit Wing X, Close, Slot Right, Trips Right, Trio Right, and the Flexbone Tackle Over.

They posted several videos for demonstration of the formation.

Running Game Videos

Passing Play Video

The flexbone will be in the Army, Georgia Tech and Navy playbooks, including the Goal Line formation. I’ve covered most of the important parts but you can read the whole blog here.

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