David Perry Publishes Game Design Book

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Course Technology PTR and David Perry announce David Perry on Game Design: A Brainstorming Toolbox – officially the largest book on game design ever. Written with best-selling co-author Rusel DeMaria, David Perry on Game Design provides the tools for anyone - professional, amateur, student or veteran – to find new inspiration and resources and to develop innovative new ideas, hooks to sell your games, and never-seen-before game mechanics.
It’s a reference book!  It’s a brainstorming book!
That’s right. It’s both a reference compendium and a brainstorming asset. Two books in one!

·       It flip problems upside down.  Want to invent a new weapon that’s never been seen before? Study the extensive section on ways to die, and you’ll surprise yourself with countless new innovative ideas. 

·       Need to design challenges, goals, puzzles, obstacles, rewards and penalties? It’s an everyday job for real game designers. How about they give you a ton of them to springboard your ideas from?

·       Want to create a compelling story, interesting characters or a lively interactive world?  Maybe you want to make one of the scenes funny? It walks you through the steps to get there. 

And best of all, there’s more to come. And that’s where you come in. They invite ALL of their readers to participate in developing the next edition of David Perry on Game Design. The book is not-for-profit, it’s entirely a work of passion, so just go to www.gamedesignbook.org and convince the group to add your ideas. They just completed the first edition and together they’re going to try to raise the bar again. 

Order now from Amazon at http://tinyurl.com/9543j8

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