Hail to the Duke Baby, Live-action Search Expands

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Got a little Duke in ya’? Well, we want to see it! Starting today Deep Silver, Inc. and Apogee Software, LLC announced that due to popular demand, their search for the next live-action Duke Nukem actor has evolved from a three-city tour into a massive online audition open to anyone willing to take on the challenge.

Fans can do just about whatever they want to demonstrate why they should be the next Duke Nukem. Their performance will be judged by a panel of Duke Experts, including some of Duke’s creators. The Experts will combine all entries from all over the United States and will then narrow it down to a lucky few. The judges will then make their decision and the winner will be announced.

The winner will get to travel around the world representing Deep Silver and Apogee Software, LLC as the new "official" Duke Nukem...and they’ll get paid to do it! They will be the new face of the the Duke Nukem Trilogy and get to interact with the world like no other iconic videogame character ever has.

For those who cannot upload their auditions online, but still wish to participate in the Search for Duke will be allowed to submit their entries by mail on a DVD, VHS tape or video file on USB drive (not returnable) or burned to a CD-R.
Deep Silver and Apogee are calling on all Duke fans to step up and compete to be The Next Duke Nukem. If you think that you have what it takes, or know someone who does, head on over to www.dukeisback.com for more information, as well as contest rules.

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