Vector Entertainment Announces Advancement in Flash-based Games with its V3D Engine

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Vector Entertainment, in conjunction with partner MCS Games, officially announced today their evolutionary Flash 10-based development technology, the V3D Engine. The V3D Engine powers the company’s upcoming casual MMO game for kids, Vector City Racers, the first real-time, browser-based 3D Flash game on the market.

Offering instant in-browser 3D gaming using Flash 10, V3D technology is a proprietary 3D gaming engine that enables real-time 3D rendering for objects, particle effects, and shadows with depth of field dramatization. Its optimized architecture provides for instant response in high frame-rate action games.

The V3D Gaming Engine features:

  • Real-time 3D for buildings, vehicles, particle effects, and shadows;
  • Depth-of-field/blur effects to add dramatization and sense of height when jumping and performing tricks in high places;
  • Optimized Action Script 3 for instant response in high frame-rate twitch action games.

Vector City Racers is an integrated game experience that combines the depth of a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) and the competition of circuit track racing in a casual environment where all roads lead to fun. Vector City Racers’ environment comprises shapes and structures that are constructed in real-time 3D as the players explore and interact through the game’s cities. Vector City Racers will enter open beta on May 18. Get your engines ready by visiting

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