Good Hunting for Sea Dogs

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From now on Bounty Bay Online players can take part in regular hunting events. Every Wednesday from 19:00 – 22:00 and from 15:00 – 18:00 on every Sunday, automatic hunting tasks will be launched in the sea-faring world. By taking part, players can bag themselves various buffs to enhance certain abilities temporarily and valuable items such as jewellery, armour and weapons.

The hunting tasks begin with special NPCs such as the ‘Combat Event Teleporter’ who can be found on the docks at Athens. From there players can select three different hunting tasks within the regular event times. In addition, they can define a key ability before they begin, dependent on their character’s profile. Falchion warriors, for example, can choose falchion combat training. Depending on their choice of task and their ability focus, hunting-hungry adventurers are teleported off to the corresponding hunting instance. Once they arrive, for just a few pieces of silver they can get themselves a rather effective buff which will raise certain abilities for a short time period, thus equipping them particularly well for the hunting tasks which now await them in the instance. From time to time, apprentice hunters will come across useful objects such as coffers containing silver and drinks to help them in their hunt. As they then engage various opposing hordes in combat, they can also grab some temporary items for themselves, such as weapons or armour to help them progress in their tasks in the instance.

Upon completing the hunting tasks, successful players will receive the so-called ‘Evidence of Hunt´. This can be either immediately exchanged inside the hunting instance for three hour effectiveness long-duration buffs, or after returning back to the normal game world, converted into valuable jewellery. There is additional information about the hunting events available on the official website:,id40,0,how_instanced_events.html

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