Demon’s Soul for PS 3 Coming to North America

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Atlus is announcing today that they have secured the North American publishing rights for Demon’s Souls, a groundbreaking action RPG experience for Playstation 3 system.  Beautiful, compelling, and unforgiving, Demon’s Souls is the hardcore RPG experience Playstation 3 system owners have been waiting for since the platform’s launch.
Revolutionary online features support your adventure like never before, presenting seamless interconnectivity that serves in every instance to enhance the single-player game.  Team up with two other players in simultaneous cooperative play, working together to topple some of the game’s colossal bosses, or force your way into the games of skilled players and challenge them to PvP battle.  Leave hints and clues for those who will follow in your footsteps; either intentionally or through your own inadvertent demise, your bloodstains will allow your successors to view a replay of your death, hinting at how to avoid your gruesome fate.  Unprecedented in its depth and subtlety, peerless in its relentlessly challenging gameplay, Demon’s Souls is the ultimate action RPG.
Demon’s Souls for Playstation 3 system is scheduled for North American release in fall 2009. The title will be available to see at E3.

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