Pangya Officially Re-Launches In North America Today

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Ntreev USA announced today that it has officially re-launched Pangya, its popular, online casual golf game in North America. The game is accessible to members who previously had accounts for it under the name Albatross 18 in the U.S. Any accounts that were set up during the beta phase last month will transfer over with the game’s official launch. Pangya can be downloaded for free from:  In celebration of the official re-launch, Ntreev is offering new and exclusive items in its item shop, as well with hosting several special events.

With the official re-launch of Pangya, the game’s item shop is now open and offering several new items never before offered in the game. In celebration of the re-launch, Ntreev will be holding two special events for its players including an attendance event where players who
log in every day from today until May 30th will be rewarded with premium items to help them tee off.  In addition, players who complete a full 18 holes of all 14 courses in the game by May 30th will win a flashy new swimsuit for their character.

Pangya is a casual golf game that takes the difficult rules of golf and transforms it into an easy to pick-up -and-play casual golf experience that a player of any skill level can enjoy. Featuring simple and intuitive controls, Pangya allows anyone who has used Windows to easily play with other gamers and unlike other online games; players in Pangya are friends, not enemies! Players will be taken to 14 breath-taking locations where they can choose one of 8 unique playable characters.  Pangya offers players an extensive customization experience with thousands of possible combinations of costumes, accessories, equipment, golf clubs, power boosts and more that help them to become a pro out on the green.

Pangya is free for players to download and play, while some items in the game including certain characters, clothing sets, new equipment and accessories will be available to purchase via micro-transaction. The in-game currency in Pangya, called Pang, allows players to
purchase items from the in-game shop that will enhance a character. The in-game shop also provides new inventory and equipment and offers players the ability to send gifts and more.  Gamers can earn Pang by finishing a hole at par or better, and by showcasing powerful shots.

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