Details On Big Surf Island to be Released Tomarrow

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On Criterion Games website a post late yesterday states that they will be revealing details on the latest DLC for Burnout Paradise.

According to the post "We know you’re all desperate for all the details on Big Surf Island.
Our mailbag is always full of great questions about this upcoming content.
 Today I can tell you the wait for answers is almost over.
Be sure to check out at 4pm BST on Friday 22nd May for the answer to the most asked question."

Big Surf Island has been known about for a while. Criterion has been talking about it since early last year.

They have described it as: "The island is roughly the size of Downtown Paradise, but features gameplay unlike any other area in the game. We’re running with the mantra ’if you can see it, you can drive it’ to introduce a new level of freedom to Burnout Paradise, and the island also features some big air jumps - the largest on the game."

Stay tuned tomarrow as we bring you more information on Big Surf Island,

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