Vanguard Saga of Heroes Introduces Halls of the Pantheon

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With Vanguard Saga of Heroes sixth game update, Halls of the Pantheon, citizens of Telon can experience brand new content in the form of an epic new raid area! Beginning today, players are encouraged to answer the call to uncover the true meaning of the Halls of the Pantheon. Many will enter, but few will prevail, as the Pantheon holds many dark and mysterious secrets that only Ini-Heart and Artera, the master architect of the Pantheon, can reveal.


  • Increased level cap to 55.
  • New spell crafting recipes.
  • New god aligned armor sets.
  • New class-based weapons and enhancements.
  • Halls of the Shattered Souls raid area.
  • Unlock the history of the Pantheon through Diplomacy.

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