First In-Game Footage From Interstellar Marines Revealed

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After a couple of years of silence Zero Point Software is back with the first in-game footage from Interstellar Marines. A video codenamed "Photo Session" has been released for public viewing along with today’s launch of the new community website on

Last time the public heard from the independent Danish developer, was at the launch of a theatrical trailer for Interstellar Marines back in 2006.

The trailer released in 2006 marked the beginning of Zero Point Software. Up to the launch of the trailer, Zero Point Software consisted of just four guys but following the success of the trailer Zero Point Software has managed to slowly build up a team of now 20 developers that are full at work on the first playable release from the Interstellar Marines universe. gives people the opportunity to get behind the scenes and follow the development of the first playable release from the Interstellar Marines universe. It will be the place to go for anyone with an interest and a passion for science fiction, games development, and great games.

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