Sword Of The Stars Ultimate Collection Due For June Release

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Sword of the Stars Ultimate Collection is the definitive space strategy anthology for the PC, due for release in June 2009 by Ascaron Entertainment. The collection contains Sword of the Stars and the two expansion packs, Born of Blood and A Murder of Crows, offering value for money and extensive gameplay for existing fans of the series and strategy gaming enthusiasts.

In the Sword of the Stars Ultimate Collection, players can take control of six different species in a fight for galactic domination. Humans and alien creatures such as Hivers, Liirs, Tarkas, Zuuls and Morrigis each possess a unique mode of transport enabling players to move between star systems at varying speeds and in different spaceships. For example, humans can fly quickly between stars using special space lines while the hivers rely on building interdimensional gateways for direct travel to different galaxies.

Gamers can design and build spaceships from three different classes; Destroyer, Cruiser and Dreadnought. By mixing and matching a wide variety of technologies players can customise their fleets, arming them with a choice over 40 different weapons including point-defence cannons, cloaking devices and missile launchers.

Sword of the Stars

It is the year 2405 and human scientists discover a new technological system called Node Drive that allows space travel faster than light speed. However, the Hivers choose this moment to attack Earth killing 70% of the population. A military organisation called Sol Force is established allowing players to develop infrastructure, build new ships and colonise other planets to ensure the survival of the human race.

Born of Blood

Set 40 years on from Sword of the Stars in 2445, the violent wars between the Humans, Hivers, Liirs and Tarkas have subsided and diplomacy is dawning. However, the Zuuls, a species of marsupial-like creatures, emerge and shatter the peace. Players can take command of the Zuul army utilising over 90 new ship sections and 15 new weapons to obliterate enemies. Alternatively, players can unite with other races against the Zuuls using the new ship upgrades War, Projector and Boarding and a new type of defence satellite, the Torpedo Defence Platform.

A Murder of Crows

While battles against the Zuul continue, a ghost from the past returns in the form of the scheming Morrigi. A host of new features is available for players with 12 new ship sections and a unique Grav Flock Drive system so that the more ships are added to a fleet, the more speed will increase. New gameplay options include the addition of espionage operations and demands for planetary surrender.

Sword of the Stars Ultimate Collection’s multiplayer option enables players to test their skills against up to 8 others via LAN and online, battling head to head in cosmological warfare in the fight for galactic supremacy.

Fast facts:

Publisher: Ascaron Entertainment
Web: www.ascaron.com
Developer: Paradox Interctive
Release date: 12th June 2009
PEGI: 7+
Format: PC
Genre: Turn based Strategy


In : PC

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