Spell Souls Looking for Beta Testers

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Spell Souls is a free web-based strategy game in development for social networks like Facebook and MySpace. Simple Lifeforms, the game’s developer, is looking for prospective players interested in helping to test the magical duelling game.

In Spell Souls every player is one of the Magi, a secret society of wizards, sorcerers and shamans. They compete in an ancient ritual contest called Spell Souls to see who among them is the most powerful. The game features strategic turn-based play combined with social features to allow players to compete, befriend and socialise with each other.

Another aspect of Spell Souls is competition: You directly compete against other players. This is pretty unusual for a social game. Games on Facebook often tend to be essentially single player games that tangentially involve your friends as a means to promote the game, but we wanted to make the social aspect of Spell Souls important and a fun part of the game itself. Competition with real people is challenging and usually more fun than single player gaming.

If you are interested in helping Simple Lifeforms develop and test Spell Souls, you can sign up to the official newsletter at the Spell Souls website www.spellsouls.com .

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