Black Wii Unveiled, Red DSi Also

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When Nintendo unveiled the Wii around this time four years ago, anyone  who was covering the console, snorted, and tried not to laugh, thinking that this system wouldn’t do anything compared to the bohemoth systems from PS 3 and Xbox 360. At the time, they presented the Wii in several different colors.

Flash forward to E3 2009, and we now know who is laughing, all the way to the bank. Just announcing that they have now sold over 50 million units, and even Microsoft and Sony to unveil peripherals to try and compete. The one thing that has remained constant, the color, white.

Nintendo today on their Japanese coporate website, has unveiled a Black Wii, with matching Wii Remote and a new Classic Controller Pro (there is a white version also). At the moment the only info we do know is that it will be coming to Japan in August for ¥25,000. Thats around $260 and £158. The Classic Controller Pro will be selling starting this Monday for 2,000 or $20.75 and £12.65

The DSi has come in a rainbow of colors, lime green, pink, blue, black, and white. The Red DSi will be released in Japan on July 11th for ¥18,900.

We are waiting on response to our inquiry of Nintendo as to whether this will eventually hit either/both US and UK shelves.

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