Julie Seymour is the Face of NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer

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Julie Seymour is not only the face of NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer but as one of the gym’s chains leading personal trainers, she has played a major role in the development of the product.

For the first time real personal trainers rather than 3D graphics will be on the screen throughout fitness sessions as Black Bean and Fitness First, the world’s largest gym chain, bids to completely change the idea of fitness at home and make the world a fitter place.

Due for launch in September on Wii, Black Bean Games has released the first trailer showing some of the unique features and Julie’s thoughts on the impact the new product will have around the world.

“NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer will have a massive impact on fitness levels around the world. It is innovative, interactive, devised by experts and can be used by beginners and existing gym users,’’ said Julie.

NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer is an interactive training solution focused on well-being, which represents the first release for NewU brand, a family of products that will be completed with a product uniquely focused on the soul and another with a VIP endorser.

NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer was developed by Lightning Fish in collaboration with Fitness First and You Are What You Eat.

Julie and the fitness team at Fitness First have devised the exercises on NewU and she is one of the four personal trainers you can choose to teach and guide you.

The real video training system with the constant audio and visual feedback helps users hone their performances. This is just one of the many features that sets NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer far apart from others.

Users define the workout by setting goals and their nutritional preferences during the profile set-up. With a choice of 25 different goals and over 80 exercises available for each personal trainer, NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer finally gives people a professional workout and healthy eating system in their own homes.

The workout plan is complemented by a selection of recipes that have been created by the professional nutrition experts of well known TV show and book range You Are What You Eat. In the profile set-up, users are asked to select their nutritional preferences to define the perfect nutritional plan that suits their taste. NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer comes with 138 recipes, which creates 20 weeks of different food.

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