Mortal Kombat 9 Details Discussed on Twitter

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Ed Boon, the mastermind behind Mortal Kombat has confirmed that Mortal Kombat 9 will be bloody and are seeking a M Rating

Here’s a series of tweets he posted this past Thursday(6/18) concerning MK9:

  • @Keith44u MK9 isn’t going to have Superheroes in it.
  • Motion capturing special moves & fatalities today....they are kind of sick !!
  • Carlos & Rick O. doin some kool fatalities. I hope we aren’t taking these too far. 🙁
  • @McCarron U r absolutely right. People want an M-rated MK....dammit we will give them an M-rated MK.
  • @TStockley Yea....I dont know where the line is to make MK an AO rated game. But we definitely dont want to kross it.
  • No the fatalities we are capturing...sorry, kapturing are for the next MK9: Attack of the Nuns: Get in the Habbit !!

Someone asked him if they were considering putting mini-games in, Mr. Boon’s response was "Haven’t decided yet"
He also posted one tweet about 11 hours ago stating:
..wondering if peeps wanna see babalities return....

Let us know what you would like to see in MK 9.

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