New Zone Added to Runes of Magic

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Frogster begins the implementation of the new content for the coming second chapter ‘The Elven Prophecy’ with a new zone for Runes of Magic. The Berlin based publisher is now publishing information about the region to be known as the ‘Weeping Coast’ which corresponds with the upper level limit being raised to 52 and invites adventurers to go exploring.

The swamp landscape with its branching channels lies in the northern part of the up until now known game world of Taborea. While fish-like creatures of a species known as ‘Tiktaalik’ make the marshes themselves unsafe, the temples found on the higher ground are populated by wild clans of trolls. Furthermore this is the first region where players will come across the Naga for the very first time. This saurian people are entwined in ancient secrets which players will slowly unravel as the second chapter progresses. 

A village built in a pueblo-style lies at the heart of the zone and serves as a central contact point with merchants and quest givers. Around 200 new tasks in the ’Weeping Coast’ will help adventurers to climb to level 52.

The opening up of the ‘Weeping Coast’ and with it, the start of the multi-stage launch of ‘The Elven Prophecy’ is scheduled for August this year. The climax of the official release will then happen one month later in September.

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