Street Gears to Receive Second Update

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Street Gears, the free-to-play cel shaded inline skating game, will see its second major content update at the end of July. Launched in March 2009, it is available free to European players on the portal. The brand new expansion will see the addition of a new track, a brand new tuning system and tuning shop, as well as a variety of other system and content updates and fixes.

Street Gears allows players to become riders, racers who live to experience freedom and wild experiences. With the July update, players will now be able to discover Grunville, a brand new track that will be available to all riders with a novice license.

Grunville has a fascinating back-story. About thirty years ago, a young Dr. Brown was part of a secret research program, and caused what would later become known as the Grunville Incident. While the program itself was a success, it was ultimately responsible for the downfall of civilisation as we know it. Researchers have recently discovered a series of secret log entries by Dr. Brown covering his time developing the tuning system, which also covered the problems he had with the Nitro Subsystems.

It was this system that caused Dr. Brown and his team to leave the Grunville area, and they had to spend over two years of hard work to re-establish their original research. Their persistence paid off as they eventually managed to create a standardised version of tuned skates, and the Tuning Shop was born. Players will now have the chance to tune their skates, allowing them to run faster, be more agile and do more stunts than they could have ever imagined.

To play Street Gears free in either French or German, simply register for your free account at, download Street Gears and enter the cel shaded world of Park Town to explore all the new content that the game features. Check out the official Street Gears website at for more information.

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