Majesco Announces Cooking Mama 3 For DS

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Fresh from the harvest in Gardening Mama, the sweet culinary cutie is returning to her kitchen roots as Majesco has announced today, Cooking Mama 3 for Nintendo DS. The latest iteration of the best-selling franchise, Cooking Mama 3 layers on new features while serving up the same addictive and easy-to-play format that has entertained 4 million people to date. Developed by Cooking Mama Limited, Cooking Mama 3 is expected to launch this holiday.

In Cooking Mama 3, players use the stylus as the ultimate cooking utensil to create 80 all new dishes including chili con carne, tulip chicken, mushroom quiche and more. For the first time players can shop for the necessary ingredients before they start cooking in 200 different mini-games that let them chop, grate, slice, and stir up phenomenal foods. Cooking Mama 3 also lets aspiring chefs create their own dishes by combining ingredients together in delicious new ways. In addition, the game features multiplayer cooking challenges and five other gameplay modes. As recipes progress from simple to complex and from small to large dishes, players must do their best to meet Mama’s expectations and impress their hungry friends. If friends think a dish is delicious, gamers will get to unlock another new friend.

Cooking Mama 3 for Nintendo DS is expected to release this holiday

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