Free Bill Spaceman Lee All-Star Game Giveaway

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Strategy First and Out Of The Park Baseball 10 invites Baseball Fans and Gamers everywhere to take advantage of this limited time give away. For the first time ever Strategy First will release a five hour interview featuring Red Sox Hall Of Fame Pitcher Bill ‘The Spaceman’ Lee.

In four separate sit down interviews with Strategy First’s Emanuel Wall and the Red Sox Hall Of Fame pitcher covers the highs and lows of his career and personal life. The entertaining, and informative interviews cover a wide range of controversial topics and interesting stories as seen through the eyes of Bill ‘Spaceman’ Lee.

“Bill ‘Spaceman’ Lee is an incredible person and we are thankful to have been able to conduct these interviews. Very few things in this world are free and we want to offer Gamers and Baseball fans alike an opportunity to watch these incredible interviews and no purchase is necessary, feel free to celebrate the all-star game with us.” Says Business Development Manager Emanuel Wall.

Strategy First and Out Of The Park Baseball 10 Bill ‘Spaceman’ Lee interview include same features listed below

  • Bud Selig, Pete Rose, Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Manny Ramirez
  • President Barack Obama, President George.W.Bush, Governor Sara Palin, VP Al Gore
  • Personal insight on his experience with the Yankees – Red Sox rivalry
  • Who Killed the Montreal Expos
  • Insight on writing ‘The Wrong Stuff’, ‘Have Glove Will Travel’, ‘Baseball Eccentrics’
  • Barnstorming around the world from big cities, to small towns
  • Learn the art and techniques of Pitching and its steady decline
  • Being black listed by baseball
  • Enemies of the Red Sox Nation

Be sure to watch all 5 hours for free while you still can. To watch the interviews please visit,

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