Duel City Debuts on Myth War II

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Venturing through the tangled streets of Blython or the wooded vale of Woodlingor, and one of the things you’ll notice is the abundance of players dueling. In the street, on the lawn in front of the church, and especially near the Guild NPC, dueling is a litmus test for the most elite characters, and a simple way to see how effective a new character build or pet build is. It can be something done to pass the time while waiting for a team to gather, or a way to settle a rivalry between elite veterans. Some players even seem to use it as a way to enhance the trade value of a pet, by showing the quick and efficient way a particular pet can dispatch with enemies. However, it’s the life or death struggle for supremacy that really fuels player’s passions. Finding out who is the best and then struggling to defeat that player and take his place. This is the one element that simple duels lack, organization. With no stage to showcase their prowess, dueling will always be informal and unheralded - bragging rights without the proof.

With PvP enthusiasts begging for a place to advertise their skills, the Myth War dev team spent some time crafting the ultimate arena, Reina Isle. With the creation of this remote area, players now have a space where they can duel before an audience and put their nerves to the test. It also makes for an ideal location to hold PvP tournaments.

Dueling on Reina Isle

Because players are stepping into the bright lights and taking their fight clubs off the streets, strict rules are enforced. Before anyone can start swinging swords, players must register. Looming over the arena from the center is a tower where the appropriately named PvP Brawl Committee stays. A non refundable 100,000 Gold fee must then be paid by all parties and level and class limits can be set.


Opposing players can simply click on the PVP Brawl Committee and find detailed info about your character, as well as allowing them to raise the stakes by putting up their share of the gold. Remember, winner takes all the gold, as well as bragging rights that can’t be disputed and best of all – credits that can be converted into an honorary title that will mark you as a PvP combat veteran, and someone not to be taken lightly.

More details can be found http://mw2.igg.com/guide/guide.php?acid=44

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