Coyote Pack Spotted In The Hunter

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The Hunter has been invaded by a new species – Coyote. It’s up to you to control the outbreak and retain the balance of nature in the new genre breaking title The Hunter.

Innovative online video game ‘The Hunter’ today announced a new species to make its way to Whitehart Island. Renowned for their cunning hunting methods Coyote roam the woodlands of Whitehart Island offsetting natures balance and ravishing the brimming wildlife.

For frequent visitors of the island this is a problem that’s needs to be dealt with and brought under control.

In first person shooter style, gamers are invited to harvest as many Coyote as they can find to bring down its vast population. To assist gamers with this tough task comes a new expert, Dixie "Jazz" West. She’s a fiery redhead who doesn’t like Coyote, and is ready with missions and competitions to help make the most of your Coyote hunting. With the Compound Bow arriving soon, Coyote are a perfect compliment to this completely new method of hunting.

There are many other additions and improvements across both game client and social network; new animations for many of the animals, new tracking clue types, new ways for the experts to communicate with hunters, new ways for players to communicate with each other in the game and improvements to skills, messages and stats pages.

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