Innex Shares With Kids In Need

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Normally we don’t write about things unless they are directly affecting the video game industry, but this is something we feel is more important than video games, and that’s helping your fellow man. Considering it involves a gaming accessory it fits, and if there is something you can do to help, donate anything you can, even if all you can give is $1.00, all I ask is you donate. Kids don’t have the option to pick what their financial situation, and I know most of us have needed help one way or another, even if its borrowing a few bucks from a friend or family. Please read below - Wade

Innex, a distributor of videogame peripherals and accessories, today announced that it has signed a cause marketing license agreement with the Kids In Need Foundation.

Innex, Inc. has announced that it will donate a percentage of its sales revenue to the Kids In Need Foundation, a charity that provides free school supplies to impoverished children. Moving forward, Innex will allocate a portion of all revenue, including sales of its exclusive brands (Komodo, Retro-Bit, Exo-Flex) to Kids In Need.

Innex was established by Titi and Joey Ngoy, brothers whose family fled to a Thai Refugee Camp from Cambodia in 1979 while the country was suffering from violent revolution and extreme poverty inflicted by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. Titi and Joey’s parents arrived in America with nothing,  but managed, through hard work, to provide their children with the education necessary to prosper.

Research shows that when children are provided with basic school supplies their grades go up, their confidence increases and their attitude toward learning improves. Kids In Need is the number 1 charity focused on America’s under-funded educational system. Kids In Need provides free school supplies to impoverished children as well as curriculum grants to under-funded teachers.





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