Challenge Map Featuring Scarecrow for Batman: Arkham Asylum to be Available in US and UK

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Gamestop (US) and GAME (UK) have released statements today stating they will be the only stores offering the Challenge Map featuring Scarecrow when you pre-order Batman: Arkham Asylum in their respective regions. The Challenge Map pits Batman against Scarecrow’s army of skeletons.  In true core gamer fashion, this map is among the most difficult Challenge Maps that the gamer will face as Batman.

When you preorder the game, you will receive a code to download the Challenge Map at launch. You can preorder through your local store or online.

The game will be available on August 25th in the US, and August 26th in the UK on the PS 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Edit: The Challenge Map is called "Dem Bones" in the US, and the "Villians" in the UK.



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