Freestyle Street Basketball Introduces a New Genre of the First Online Basketball Game

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The world’s first online basketball game, Freestyle Street Basketball from JC Entertainment is now officially serviced through

Freestyle is a new type of basketball game. The conventional package basketball games from major game developers are based on the gameplay with the actual professional basketball players, while the users would have to purchase a new package every year priced at least $25 in order to update the roster from the previous game.

Freestyle differentiates from the conventional basketball games by introducing a whole new style of gameplay. Freestyle is free to register, download, and play with new items constantly updated. Based on 3 on 3 gameplay, the user can control his or her own character, form a team with other players online, and experience the team basketball strategy just like in real life basketball.

The users can begin playing Freestyle by creating a character from guard, forward, or center position based on their style of play, and eventually upgrade to point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, or center for more specialized characters. Ultimately, the user and the character grow together to become a better basketball player in the game. Based on the users’ preferences, the users can also choose to play one on one basketball with the computer’s AI character.

The concept of Freestyle is revolutionary. Rather than describing the real life professional basketball player, Freestyle uses its unique cartoon characters to put more personality and a sense of attachment by the users to their own characters. Also, since Freestyle is not limited to the real life basketball concept, the users can use all the basketball moves that they can imagine. The characters can throw the ball at the opponent and get it back or perform special moves that kick the basketball with a foot, creating even more fun on the basketball court. The graphics in the game describes the street culture by showing the street, wall graphite, and the crowd dancing to hip-hop music.

Freestyle has already become popular around the world as it was included in the Global Game League and chosen as one of the official games at an international gaming competition, E-stars. JCE Corp now introduces Freestyle through their own portal site,, to the players around the globe.

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