Deadline Games is Buried

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When we first heard about Faith and a .45, we got excited for the prospects of Deadline Games. Considering that before The Watchmen, the only serious games that they had produced was two shooters both based on the same character, Ramiro "Ram" Cruz. (Total Overdose and Chili Con Carnage).

It was rather difficult to take Deadline Games as a serious developer up to that point. When they announced Faith and .45 for the PS 3, Xbox 360 and PC, it seemed they were on the right path to become a contender. But alas all seems to be lost,  and there was no faith in Faith and a .45.

On May 29th, of this year the company filed for bankrutcy, but hopes were still high that they could find a publisher. We had contact with them at that time and they seemed to be hopeful. Since that time, their company site has disappeared, and no contact can be made.

We wish all those well who were involved with the project, and RIP Deadline Games.

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