GameX Announces The OneUps as Featured Video Game Music Band

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GameX (Games & Media Expo), October 23-25, 2009 in Philadelphia, today announced The OneUps as their featured live video game music band, scheduled to perform several shows during the 3-day game consumer show. The OneUps are presented by MAGFest, the east coast’s preeminent video game music concert promoter.

The OneUps will play on the GameX main stage, co-hosted by MAGFest and CD Baby. Presented by NBC Local Media in Philadelphia, GameX is a high-visibility entertainment, tech and media show with games as its main attraction. Designed to appeal to local, regional and national audiences of game players, film and TV fans, comic book buffs and tech enthusiasts, GameX features games exhibits and demos, as well as pop culture elements such as advance film and TV screenings and trailers, celebrity guest appearances, high stakes game tournaments, robotics demonstrations, animation festival and competitive art exhibit, video art installations and much more. The GameX main stage will feature a varied line-up of video game music bands over three days.

The OneUps, based out of Fayetteville, AR, exclusively play video game music in a variety of styles. The sound of the primarily Fusion/Funk/Jazz five-piece group has been described as what you might get "if George Clinton [Parliament-Funkadelic] banged a Nintendo." Having performed for over 20,000 people in the past 7 years, the band has sold over 10,000 CDs featuring their music.

Their most popular tracks include The Legend of Zelda arrangement "Bossa De Link," and "Super Mario’s Sleigh Ride," a pastiche of the "Super Mario World" soundtrack and the traditional Christmas song "Sleigh Ride." The group has been featured in numerous video game magazines (EGM, GameInformer) and popular online publications such as Kotaku.

Launched in 2000 out of the desire to hear video game music realized with real instruments in various musical genres, the band’s continually-growing world-wide fan base can be attributed to its fun but mature sound, which comes from the diversity and level of education of its musicians, who hold degrees from BA to Ph.D.

The OneUps have performed their video game music renditions for people all over the United States, from Philadelphia to Dallas to San Francisco. The group is currently working on their upcoming digital-only release consisting of arrangements of the "Super Mario Kart" soundtrack.

MAGFest, also known as the Music and Gaming Festival, will provide a groundbreaking video game music experience at GameX, featuring other live cover bands along with The OneUps, chiptune artists, and an open jam area. Now in its eighth year, MAGFest, home to the east coast’s best video game music concerts, is lending its experience and proven track record in video game music to GameX.

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