Game du Jour Weekly Lineup for 08/02/2009 – 08/008/2009

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The following games will be discounted next week on Game du Jour, the first ’one-deal-a-day’ website dedicated to indie and casual games:

Sun. August 2nd: 50% off on Mythic Adventure

Mon. August 3rd: 65% off on Bellatorus Deluxe

Tue. August 4th: 50% off on Teen BMX Stunt Bike

Wed. August 5th: 60% off on Room Boom: Suburbia

Thu. August 6th: 50% off on Mugakapu

Fri. August 7th: 50% off on SWAP the Matrix

Sat. August 8th: 50% off on Confronte r: The Tower of Time

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