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Connect2Media is announcing the release of the puzzle game ‘Timeloop’ on the Apple iTunes App Store today.

The game launches today at a promotional price of $0.99/£0.59/0.79€ which is amazing value for money for a beautifully realised game which includes 32 levels of time-warping puzzles, not to mention cats, professors and hair dryers.

Released in tandem with the game is ‘Timeloop Lite’ – a free ‘taster’ of the full game. Timeloop Lite features five whole levels from the full game – the first four levels which ease you into the game plus a fifth level from later on in Timeloop to give you a taste of full-on synapse teasing action.


After a scientific experiment goes horribly wrong, a research lab becomes the scene of total chaos, trapping all of the scientists, causing the equipment to go haywire and unleashing a horde of feline test subjects. Needless to say, everyone’s having a bad day so far.

Enter Nik, the ever-helpful janitor droid. It’s up to the plucky hero to save the day, but there’s only one problem; the research complex is massive and has too many problems for one robot to handle...or does it?

By combining your brainpower and a handy warping device, Nik can go back in time and work alongside copies of his past self to beat the odds, save the scientists and put things right once and for all. Boasting a unique art style, 32 mind-bending levels and the loveable Nik himself, Timeloop is the must have app this summer, breaking puzzle convention and perfect for burst play while on the go.

Timeloop 1.0 key features

  • 32 mind increasingly bending puzzles
  • Multiple solutions to almost every puzzle mean that there is always more than one way to skin a cat
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze award categories
  • Rescue stray cats as well as professors

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