New Console Likely To Emerge “Soon”

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ID Software founder John Carmack has said he believes that either Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft is likely to "jump the gun" and release a new-generation console "earlier rather than later".

He believes too that a shift to a cloud computing infrastructure could be on the horizon, as an eventual "power density wall" prevents home technology offering an increase in processing power.

"The whole jockeying for who’s going to release the first next gen console is very interesting and pretty divorced from the technical side of things," Carmack told Polish site CD-Action.

"Whether Sony wants to jump the gun to prevent the same sort of 360 lag from happening to them again seems likely. As developers, we would really like to see this generation stretch as long as possible. We’d like to see it be quite a few more years before the next gen console comes out, but I suspect one will end up shipping something earlier rather than later."

When the next-generation of console does launch, it will also be likely that one will rely entirely on the digital model, speculated Carmack. "I think that Xbox Live... the advent of that and the App Store with the iPhone are wonderful signs of the future of digital distribution.

"I think there’s a decent chance that one of the next gen consoles will be without optical media... the uptake rates of people who have broadband connects surprised everyone this generation. It’s higher than what the core publishers and even the first party people expected."

The games chief also believes the next console will carry at least 2GB of internal RAM, continuing: "We talk about these absurd things like how many teraflops of processing and memory that are going into our game machines. It’s great and there’s going to be at least another generation like that, although interestingly we are coasting towards some fundamental physical limits on things. We’ve already hit the megahertz wall and eventually there’s going to be a power density wall from which you won’t get more processing out there..."

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