Road Rash And Wing Commander To Return

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Following yesterday’s news that EA is looking to remake old Bullfrog games such as Theme Park and Populous, it has now come to light that the firm may now bring back old series such as Wing Commander and Road Rash.

According to Superannuation, trademarks to both these franchises have been filed by EA this month.

Wing Commander, designed by Chris Roberts, was a hugely popular franchise during the 1990’s. The series, which starred the original Luke Skywalker Mark Hamill, saw players take the role of a nameless pilot aboard the TCS Tiger’s Claw, a Bengal-class Strike Carrier and became famous for its huge multi-million dollar budgets and movie-like qualities.

Road Rash was a simple, no nonsense motorcycle racer where you could use a variety of weapons to get your opponents off their bikes. The title appeared on numerous formats and was a major success for EA.

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