Section 8 Reveals New X Server for 360

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SouthPeak Games, along with developer TimeGate Studios, is set to break new ground on the Xbox 360 by supporting X Server functionality, an option where players can run their own dedicated servers using a Windows based PC. An X Server can handle up to 32 players at once, resulting in one of the largest multiplayer games currently available on the Xbox 360. The X server software will be distributed free of charge* upon Section 8’s launch. Meanwhile, PC gamers can also run dedicated servers for the PC version of the game allowing up to 40 simultaneous players. More information and availability of the X Server and PC Server software will be available at launch on

This added functionality is by no means necessary to enjoy the game since Section 8 also features a single player campaign mode and offline ‘instant action’ where artificially intelligent ‘bots’ take the place of human opponents. To make sure Section 8 enters battle with all guns blazing; SouthPeak Games will host official ranked PC and X servers in locations around the world. When dedicated servers are not used, Section 8 supports up to 32 players on PC and 16 on Xbox 360.
Section 8 is available on PC and Xbox 360 on September 1 in North America.

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