Nexon America Opens Beta for MapleStory-Based Online Card Game

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Nexon America has opened the beta for its MapleStory-based online card game iTCG Onine. The beta will run through Aug. 25.

iTCG Online is a free browser-based game requiring no download. Players can join the iTCG Online beta by going to the game’s website ( and either create a Nexon Passport or use their existing Nexon Passport information to log on. This is Nexon America’s first browser based game and currently will only be available in North America.

 iTCG Online game play is based on the characters and monsters found in Nexon’s wildly popular massively multiplayer online game, MapleStory. MapleStory has more than 6 million users in North America and 92 million worldwide. iTCG Online players will be able to choose one of the four MapleStory classes currently available as their main character. The classes include Warrior, Magician, Bowman and Thief. Pirate and Cygnus Knight characters will not be available at launch.

 Players will have several abilities in the game including being able to attack other players and monsters, perform non-attack actions such as refreshing their hit points, as well as adding items to their character and take side quests. Users can also customize the starter deck that comes with them for free and they can purchase booster packs using the game points they have gained through game play. Additionally, there will be a trade lobby, where users can trade cards in real time or make a trade post that specifies what type of cards they are searching for.

During the beta, Nexon will have rewards going out to random players who reach certain levels and who log in everyday of the beta. Players will be rewarded with Nexon Cash, in and out of game items.

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