ID Software: “We Have Ambitious Plans For The iPhone”

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John Carmack has told QuakeCon attendees that id has ambitious plans for the iPhone and is planning to release a new game onto the Apple device every other month.

These games will be broken into three "lines", Kotaku reported. The first being a classics line, which will include Wolfenstein 3D - and a new feature to download user created levels in a future update - Doom 3D, Quake II, Quake Arena and, potentially, Doom 3.

The second will incorporate a series of role-playing games, such as Wolfenstein RPG. And the third will be made up of games designed exclusively for the iPhone including, Carmack said, a Rage themed game. The developer also said he believes Rage engine, id Tech 5, will run on the iPhone 3GS.

"Potentially that’s eight iPhone titles," Carmack said. "I would expect an iPhone titles from id every other month, and that’s going to be neat."

Also revealed at QuakeCon were id’s plans to create three new teams within the studio to work on three new triple-A titles, as reported by VG247.

Thanks to being incredibly well-funded by Zenimax, said Carmack, the teams will make things easier on the development side of things. Which titles the teams would be working on wasn’t confirmed.

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