Former LucasArts President Running For US Congress

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Former president of LucasArts Jim Ward is running for US congress to represent Arizona’s 5th Congressional District.

As reported by Kotaku, Ward is running as a republican and is looking to unseat two-term Democrat Harry Mitchell.

Ward last hit the headlines in February last year, when he quit LucasArts for ‘personal reasons.’ The departure came after he had steered the developer/publisher through significant operational changes.

Ward states on his campaign website: ‘I’m not a professional politician. I’m a businessman. And I don’t disagree that this country needs change. But, in my experience, there’s the right kind of change and the wrong kind of change. I believe what’s happening to this country represents the wrong kind of change.

I have over 25 years of business experience and I know that Arizona’s future depends on the right kind of change. Change that actually simplifies the ever-increasing complexity of our federal government, particularly our tax code. Change that limits the growing federal intrusion into our state, freeing us to be dynamic and innovative so that we can create solutions to our own problems without bureaucrats in Washington telling us what to do. Change that prevents government from coming between all of us and our freedoms so that we can build the best solutions for education on a local basis, determine the best options for our health care directly with our physician, maintain the right to cast a secret ballot in our own workplace and make fiscally responsible decisions so that we don’t mortgage the future of our children.

It’s time politicians who just want to be politicians got out of the way and let people who have run businesses, created jobs and made decisions they’ve had to live with, go to Washington and straighten out this mess. I’ve got that skill set along with the ability to make the right kind of change. I hope you’ll agree.’

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