UK Section 8 Pre-Order Items Detailed

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SouthPeak Games has today revealed the exclusive in-game items that gamers receive by pre-ordering the futuristic multiplayer FPS Section 8 in the UK. Those who pre-order will be given a special code to unlock unique weapons and armour, to ensure they look the business when playing online.

By pre-ordering the PC version either in-store or online at GAME, FPS fans can get their hands on the Captain’s Armour, the SIW7 “Black Widow” Combat Pistol and two Assault Rifle variants. Meanwhile at, anyone who pre-orders Section 8 on the Xbox 360, can head into the battle wearing the Captain’s Armour. More details about each item can be found below.

Section 8 is available in the UK on September 4 and a multiplayer demo is currently available on Xbox LIVE, so you can experience the fast-paced online action for yourself. For more details about the game, to join the community or take part in the open beta on PC, head over to

Captain’s Armour

Chain of Command is vital to the success of every military operation and it’s no different in the future universe of Section 8. The Captain takes the lead in the thickest of fighting and provides a source of inspiration to his fellow troopers and a figure to be feared by the ranks of the enemy as a veteran of combat.

Pre-order Section 8 to receive exclusive Captain’s Armour for both Section 8 and their adversaries: the Arm of Orion. As Captain, your power armour separates you from the rank and file. If you choose to play as a Captain of Section 8, you’ll proudly wear the Imperial Eagle of the USIF on your shoulder plate; as a Captain of the Arm of Orion, you’ll stand out with the rampant Lion of Orion emblazoned on your helmet and gold trim on your power armour.

SIW7 “Black Widow” Combat Pistol

The SIW7 “Black Widow” Combat Pistol is the preferred handgun of Special Forces reconnaissance teams across the galaxy. With its deadly accuracy and effortless reloading, this rapid-fire pistol is wielded best in the hands of only the most experienced soldiers. Its large .60 calibre slugs cause devastating ballistic force upon close and mid-range targets. Few have seen the Cobra in combat and even fewer have lived to tell about it.

Assault Rifle variants

The Assault Rifle is one of the most diverse weapons available. It features a scope for longer range engagements and an automated short-range firing mode, making it an effective weapon in nearly all encounter types. It is exceptionally accurate in short bursts. While in short-range mode, the assault rifle will fire alternate rounds. These rounds will partially bypass shields and damage armour directly. Your crosshairs will automatically update whenever a target triggers the short-range capabilities of this weapon.

Elite veterans of both Section 8 and the Arm of Orion have been known to decorate their rifles with custom paint jobs and markers signifying ’kills’. Only troopers who have demonstrated elite combat capability and have participated in multiple combat missions are allowed to do this and given that the life expectancy of troopers is minimal, there are few of these rifles on the battlefield. Section 8 chooses to customise their weapons with shark teeth, while the Arm has gruesome skulls.

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