New Report Finds China Will Have 64.9m Online Gamers By End Of 2009

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Niko Partners, the leading market intelligence firm on China’s video game industry, today announced key findings from its latest report, the 2009 Chinese Gamers Study, a report on gamer demand, behavior, preferences and usage based on a survey conducted in 20 Chinese cities.

Niko forecasts 64.9 million online gamers by the end of 2009 who will spend $52 per person on average, a growing audience who support the robust nature of the Chinese market for games and the mandate to offer a wider range of games to serve a broader and discerning Chinese gamer audience. The audience prefers free-to-play online games over the subscription model, but also spends a great deal of time on PC offline games.

The 2009 Chinese Gamers Study provides essential information for anyone interested in targeting Chinese gamers with games, digital content, hardware, or services. The report delivers an understanding of gamer demographics, Internet café, usage, spending patterns, and hardware awareness among Chinese gamers. 84 percent of Niko’s gamers sampled own a PC at home – far outpacing the national rate for all consumers.

“There’s no doubt that the market for games is growing at an incredible rate in China,” said Lisa Cosmas Hanson, managing partner of Niko Partners. “The economics of the market are shifting from supply-driven to demand-driven, which means that game publishers, hardware makers and service providers must understand their users behaviors and preferences in order to offer products and services that will be very popular in this hit-driven business.”

The 2009 Chinese Gamers Study is the second report in Niko’s 2009 annual market research subscription on China’s video game industry, or is sold alone for US $3,500. It is based on Niko’s broadest gamers survey of 1,850 gamers in 20 cities in four Chinese tiers and provides information that will enable decision makers to intelligently plan for success in China.

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