’Largest Ever’ Bounty Bay Online Expansion Announced

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The largest ever expansion for Bounty Bay Online is set to launch in the fourth quarter of 2009 under the name of ‘Beyond the Horizon’.

Right from first glance the add-on will integrate a significant geographical expansion of the historical explorer and sailor world.

With South America, experienced players will receive a completely new continent as a destination for their voyages of exploration. Six new port cities ranging across the western coasts of South and North America serve as focus points for a vibrant trade with the new world. For the first time ocean adventurers will have the opportunity to sail right around the whole world in ‘Beyond the Horizon’ using the Cape Horn route.

Passing by the village-like ‘Magellan Supply Station’ on the tip of South America, players will be able to arrive at San Diego. Those who venture further up north will discover the Mayan capital of Salinas to be an important hub of the expansion. The tropical metropolis represents the showplace for a high level quest line which leads player groups past snakes, Maya guardians and other dangerous creatures in a jungle-draped Mayan instance with some valuable treasures. Following Salinas players reach the scenic Cruz in Middle America as well as San Francisco, the first glamorous and sophisticated city on America’s west coast – each city featuring its own trading port. In the far north players who aren’t too shy of the cold can discover the snowy Seward and its off-shore icebergs on the Alaskan coast.

Frogster is going to publish the expansion ‘Beyond the Horizon’ with its many new features in both German and English language versions. A little later French players of Bounty Bay Online will also be able to check out the new content, such as five new character classes, the active pet system, new instances, new PvP arenas and tournaments, new ranking system and new mini-games.

In keeping with its predecessors, ‘Beyond the Horizon’ will be available free of charge. Players can obtain regular information bulletins about the up-coming expansion at this micro-site: http://bth.bountybayonline.com.

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